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CCBSA Annual Conference

The annual business meeting and conference is held each year alongside the California State Association of Counties annual meeting. While the conference location oscillates between northern and southern California, the week-long event is always teeming with thought-provoking speakers, workshops that tackle topical issues, and networking opportunities.

2020 CCBSA Virtual Conference
November 12-19, 2020 

The 2020 CCBSA Conference will be coming to a computer near you! The County of Los Angeles will be organizing a virtual conference for CCBSA. They are meeting internally to begin planning and will be engaging the CCBSA Conference Planning Committee very soon to plan an informative conference. The conference dates will coincide with the CSAC Conference and will be from November 12-19. There will likely only be a few sessions on certain days. 

There will be no fee to attend the CCBSA Virtual Conference. Registration will be handled via our website.

While our conference is held in conjunction with CSAC’s Annual Meeting, there is no need to simultaneously register for the CSAC Conference. The Virtual CSAC Conference is primarily geared towards Supervisors, therefore CSAC agreed that CCBSA members would not be required to register for the CSAC conference to attend CCSBA sessions. Members will only need to register if they plan to attend a CSAC session, of which there will only be a couple general sessions.

Archived conference materials from past conferences are also posted here.

Planning Ahead?
Here are the upcoming CSAC/CCBSA conference dates and locations:

2021 CSAC Annual Meeting – Monterey County
November 30December 3, 2021