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Adopted at the Annual Business Meeting on December 5, 2019.

Amendments to the CCBSA Bylaws are considered during the annual Business Meeting at the CSAC conference.

Refer to the Annual Conferences page for the Business Meeting Minutes.


Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws for 2021

As the CCBSA prepares for the 2020 Annual Conference and the annual business meeting that is tentatively scheduled for November 12-19, 2020, please see the proposed changes to the CCBSA Bylaws for 2021. These proposed changes were considered by the CCBSA Executive Committee and approved for consideration by the general membership. In accordance with the CCBSA Bylaws, Article XII: Amendments to Association Bylaws, this memo serves as a summary of the proposed changes to the Bylaws. Proposed amendments appear as redline text throughout the document.


Prior Bylaws for Reference Only