Certified Clerks of the Board

The Certified Clerk of the Board (CCB) program was created by the association to recognize those Clerks of the Board who have achieved a level of professionalism and leadership in their position. Certification is granted after an applicant has met specific requirements in education, experience, and professional participation and contributions.

CCB certification is not easily attained and is available only to those members of the California Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Association (CCBSA) who meet the rigorous criteria.

The following members have attained Certified Clerk of the Board status. Additionally, CCBSA members can search the current member directory for Certified Clerks of the Board.

Active Certified Clerks of the Board (sorted alphabetically by last name)

  • Tracy Damico (Humboldt) (2020)
  • Tracy Gauthier (Mariposa) (2022)
  • Lynna Monell (San Bernardino) (2019)
  • Ann Nordyke (Colusa) (2020)
  • Andrew Potter (San Diego) (2018)
  • Bernice Seidel (Fresno) (2017)
Retired or Inactive Clerks of the Board (sorted alphabetically by last name):
  • Darlene Bloom (Orange, Retired) (2006)
  • Gail Borkowski (Monterey, Retired) (2009)
  • Tanna Boyd (Madera, Retired) (2010)
  • Lora Canzoneri (Humboldt, Retired) (2008)
  • Gladys I. Coil (Napa, Retired) (2009)
  • Patricia Crittenden (Solano, Retired) (2007) 
  • David Hall (San Diego, Retired) (2008)
  • Kathy Hayes (Humboldt, Retired) (2016)
  • Kecia Harper (Riverside, Retired) (2016)
  • Alicia Jamar (Tuolumne, Retired) (2012)
  • René LaRoche (Mariposa, Retired) (2017)
  • Jeanette Neiger (Solano, Retired) (2019)
  • Thomas J. Pastuszka (San Diego, Retired) (2005)
  • Diane Patterson (Marin, Retired) (2006)
  • Julie Patterson-Hunter (Nevada, Retired) (2017)
  • Phyllis Perez Sorenson (Santa Clara, Retired) (2005)
  • Roberta Rodriquez (Ventura, Retired) (2006)
  • Lois Sahyoun (San Joaquin, Retired) (2005)
  • Christine Ferraro Tallman (Stanislaus, Retired) (2005)
  • Laura Welch (San Bernardino, Retired) (2016)