About Us

Our Mission

The California Clerks of the Board of Supervisors Association (CCBSA) was founded in 1984 with the objective of providing a professional network of shared-resources, as well as education and mentoring opportunities to its members, in support of their legislative and mandated responsibilities.

Organizational Values

In addition to providing leadership and management training opportunities to enhance the levels of service to the growing demands within our organizations and engaging proactively on legislative issues, the CCBSA is committed to supporting Clerks of the Board in their essential role in County government by:

  • Exhibiting the highest standards of ethical and honest behavior;
  • Adhering to professional management practices;
  • Sharing knowledge and resources with Clerks of the Board;
  • Providing education and training to our members in support of regular, ongoing development; and
  • Maintaining a rewarding mentoring program which affords members a venue for continuing development.

Individual Values

As clerks we seek to:

  • Always exhibit pride in the performance of our duties, and exemplify “the model of public services” in leading by example.
  • Serve as a liaison for our Boards in providing respectful and responsive public service to our diverse communities and the public.
  • Stimulate innovative and progressive business-minded solutions in the performance of our duties and serve as visionaries in our field, furthering our commitment to excellence in public service.
  • Embrace and celebrate the ever-changing environment of county government.
  • Develop creative strategies in managing the evolution of the role and scope of the Clerk of the Board.
  • Inspire one another to do and be the very best in our field.
  • Promote collaboration through networking and resource-sharing between members and the state and its member counties.
  • Encourage the continuing support of all members through regular communication and outreach.
  • Provide members with practical tips to improve work environments and create cost effective services.
  • Preserve the integrity of legislative records management in County Government.